Why Become A Member

CHKLC is the only organisation in Hong Kong dedicated to the interests of listed companies.  We offer a corporate membership which entitles all employees of the member companies to participate in our activities.

As a member representative, you will have an influence on shaping the listing rules and regulations affecting your company by responding to important market reform issues through our platform.

You will gain unique insights of stock market rules and policies by closely interacting with officials and decision makers at our many functions, allowing you to make better preparation.

You will enrich your understanding of the latest rules and regulations as well as business trends, not just in Hong Kong but also in the mainland and the regions, and how they will affect your business by attending our many training courses and delegations.

You will improve the corporate governance standard and raise shareholder value of your company by learning best practices from experts at our events and seminars.

You will expand your business connection with other listed companies in Hong Kong and the mainland by joining our many business and social functions, enabling you to explore business co-operation.