Director Training Series

Company directors play a pivotal role in company success. With the increasing demand of corporate governance and ESG of listed companies both from the regulators and shareholders, coupled with the tightening of various sets of rules and regulations with more serious consequences, company directors operate in an increasingly challenging environment. This training programme is specially offered by CHKLC for company directors. Addressing the common issues faced by directors, the programme will equip directors with the most relevant information and updated knowledge about directorship and will help them discharge their duties effectively.

The whole programme comprises six sessions dealing with the important aspects of directorship for a listed company. These range from corporate governance, risk management to the latest updates in various applicable rules and laws. Experienced professionals and academics will act as speakers to share their knowledge and first-hand experience, ensuring the practical value of this training programme. Attending this training series will help fulfill the training requirements under the revised Code of Corporate Governance by the HKEx.

The Chamber is pleased to partner with BDO in offering this programme whose involvement ensures the relevance of the topics covered and adds depth to the discussion.