Underneath the General Committee are sub-committees with specialized areas of interests, including:

Financial and Regulatory Affairs

  • To focus actively on financial and regulatory issues affecting the interests of listed companies, the financial markets and the investing public in Hong Kong.
  • To prepare from time to time the Chamber’s responses to various consultation papers issued by the Government and other regulatory authorities such as the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. (“HKEX”), the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”), the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (“FSTB”), etc. on listing matters and other related financial policies concerning the interests of the members.
  • To maintain an open and co-operative relation with the regulatory authorities through frequent dialogues.
  • To keep members abreast of any implementations of or changes to the Listing Rules and other related financial policies.
  • To canvass members’ opinions whenever necessary, e.g. by conducting surveys, on listing matters and other related financial policies; form the Chamber’s viewpoints and reflect them to the authorities concerned on a proactive basis. Keep members informed of the Chamber’s actions taken.
  • To convey the Chamber’s views to the public through proper media channels, the Chamber’s website, newsletters, etc. whenever necessary.
  • To maintain close contacts with other relevant professional organizations to seek possible opportunities of co-operations.

Professional and Educational Training

  • To focus actively on financial and regulatory issues affecting the interests of listed companies, the financial markets and the investing public in Hong Kong.
  • To promote, develop, organize and oversee all educational and training activities of the Chamber, covering topics in relation to the Listing Rules, regulatory updates, professional and business developments, and such other topics which are deemed appropriate and beneficial to members and interested participants.
  • To identify, select and invite qualified, competent trainers and speakers to conduct the training programmes.
  • To collaborate with the Chamber’s Financial and Regulatory Affairs Committee in identifying training opportunities which will be of interests and benefits to members.
  • To maintain close contacts with other relevant local and overseas professional bodies to seek any possible opportunity of cooperation.
  • To ensure that when conducting the Chamber’s training activities, all procedural requirements, if applicable, for providing Continuous Professional Training (“CPT”) and Continuous Professional Development (“CPD”) set by the respective accreditation authorities are fully complied with.

ESG Committee

  • To engage the regulators on ESG-related regulatory and disclosure issues, including but not limited to responding to Market Consultations on ESG and related-matters.
  • To organise activities for members to keep abreast of ESG issues, regulatory and disclosure requirements including but not limited to organising seminars and forums.
  • To educate members on knowledge of Climate Change management that helps mitigate risks and captures opportunity, including Green Finance.
  • To understand the concerns of members on ESG-related regulatory and disclosure issues and to channel their concerns to regulators.
  • To provide assistance to members to cope with challenges and difficulties in ESG and Climate Change management and compliance, where resources allowed.
  • To identify collaboration opportiunities with other industry organisations, consultancies and service providers in areas of ESG and Climate Change to achieve the above.

Membership Services

  • To propose, design and co-ordinate with the Secretariat in organizing the Chamber’s activities in respect of educational training, business development, membership extension, social networking, etc.
  • To propose and design services and benefits provided to members for enhancement of business development, networking and fellowship.
  • To maintain frequent communications with members with an aim to improve the Chamber’s services.
  • To maintain friendly relations with other business chambers and professional organizations to seek for possible opportunities of co-operations.
  • To propose and design membership drive programmes for prospective members and associate members.
  • To promote and enhance the Chamber’s profile to the public and business community in Hong Kong and overseas whenever deemed appropriate.

External Affairs Committee

  • To elevate standing of the Chamber in Hong Kong's capital markets.
  • To maintain close relationship with key market associations and professional bodies and to engage them in discussion of capital markets and business issues.
  • To increase Chamber's influence in major market and business issues to help address members' business needs.
  • To create value for members by building strong market relations and expanding market reach for business enhancements.
  • To explore collaboration opportunities with key market associations and professional bodies on market activities, for example, joint-submissions to market consultations or statements, joint-seminars and market forums, study of issues affecting market and business environment.